Singing Lessons

I have 16 years of professional experience teaching singing to students of school age, teens, young adults and adult learners. I work with professionals in the musical theatre and pop industries and have students in West End, touring and international shows.  I have sung my entire life but really only learned to like my voice in my late teens. Having experienced anxiety, loss of confidence, low self esteem and perfectionism throughout my life, I am able to support and understand students who may also be experiencing similar issues. I am an accomplished pianist, so can support students musically, with audition material and a wide range of repertoire across different genres.

I believe in working with a person as a whole and I draw on elements of the life experience and practical knowledge that I have of singing, performing, writing and recording. I teach across styles including musical theatre, pop, rock, R&B, classical and folk and use the tools that work best intuitively. I draw on elements from various sources, models, methods and just plain common sense and am always looking to broaden my knowledge and skill set. The most important thing for me is to encourage students to feel empowered and to provide them with the support and reassurance they need to find, release and to sing with their own, true voice, and to accept and respect who they are as individuals. No one sounds the same and no one is the same.


I currently mentor young singer songwriters and music makers who work and release material on social media platforms including Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok. I offer weekly Skype and in person sessions to clients around the world including locations as far away as China and Dubai (the wifi in Dubai is to die for). Clients include YouTuber, Tiktoker and Influencer Mia Stephens and Actor, EDM artist and Producer Ben Maddocks.


I can deliver tailored workshops from a performing, writing and producing perspective, giving advice on developing new musicals, West End audition requirements, building repertoire, fringe theatre, working collaboratively, the creative process, finding your sound as an artist and personal development. Please email me for booking enquiries.