Student-centered learning what does this mean?

Student-centered, means approaching and structuring lessons in a way that is lead by and tailored to each student. I tap into individual ways of learning, personality, interests, strengths and leanings. It means going that extra mile to connect with students and to encourage energy, enthusiasm, exploration, engagement, expression and personal growth in lessons.

Singing Lessons

I have twenty years of experience teaching singing to students from school age through to teenagers, young adults and adult learners. I have sung my entire life but really only learned to like my voice in my mid teens. It has taken me a long time to accept what I have and I often still find it hard to listen to recordings of myself. Having experienced anxiety, loss of confidence, low self esteem and perfectionism throughout my life I am able to support and understand students who may also be experiencing similar issues.

I believe in teaching the student as a whole and I draw on elements of the life experience and practical knowledge that I have of singing, performing, writing and recording. I teach across styles including musical theatre, pop, rock, R&B, soul, gospel, classical and folk and use the tools that work best intuitively. I draw on elements from various sources, models, methods and just plain common sense and am always looking to broaden my knowledge and skill set. The most important thing for me is to encourage students to feel empowered and to provide them with the support and reassurance they need to find, release and to sing with their own, true voice and to accept and respect who they are as individuals. No one sounds the same and no one is the same.

Song writing for children and young adults

Song writing has been an essential and healing voice in my life and has been a channel through which I have been able to express myself and communicate. With young people in particular song writing can boost confidence and allow for another angle and perspective. It changes the energy in lessons and I find that it opens minds to what making music really is and enables students to be creative, let go and release. I am amazed at the talents of the students that I work with and often parents have no idea that these skills may lie within them.

Piano Lessons

I cannot imagine my life without being able to play the piano and it has helped me through challenging times in my life. Playing music for me comes from a desire to connect, communicate and express myself and I am keen to foster the same from the students that I work with. Learning to play an instrument should be fun and explorative initially and I believe that lessons flow better if there is a sense of momentum and personal involvement. Students who are taking lessons due to parental pressure generally do not do as well as students who have a desire to play. Progress then comes from an intention to want to learn.